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Our free perks and amenities, such as Wi-Fi, daily breakfast, phone calls nationwide, and fitness center, add to your savings so that you enjoy NYC to its fullest.

The newest addition to nyma is designed for the traveler on the go. Visit the Mezzanine Lounge to relax as well as stay current with business demands. The Mezzanine Lounge has a comfortable seating area with flat screen televisions and a work station for laptops. Enjoy the free Wi-Fi and outlets for charging cell phones as well as complimentary coffee, tea, hot chocolate and cappuccino, 24-hours a day.

Free phone calls, nationwide, from your room allow important business calls to be conducted with ease and privacy without having to rely on cell phone service. Free Wi-Fi allows you to work around the clock without having to watch the clock for high fees.

So check in, kick back, and relax. We offer you the little perks to make your stay a great value.


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Central Parking Garage located at 1250 Broadway (@32nd Street)

Rates: Approx. $30 for 24 hours/ $40 for SUVs.
No valet services. No in/out privileges.
Phone: (212) 695-4568 

Directions to discount parking
To receive the discount, please show your ticket to the front desk
agent who will validate it.